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The Asia Pacific Association of Medical Toxicology (APAMT) in an international association established by a group of medical toxicologists in 1989. Its goal is to promote chemical safety, poison control and treatment within the Asia Pacific region.

To achieve this goal, the organization embarks on activities with the purpose of establishing and maintain cooperation with government organizations, professional bodies and individuals concerned with poisoning and poisoning-related issues and the gathering of relevant and essential data, for the further understanding of poisoning situations in the Asia Pacific region.

The association also promotes the conduct of scientific research on poison in clinical toxicology individual and the exchange of poison information among the different poison centers in the region. It fosters professional education in the field of toxicology and collaborates with international institutions, particularly the World Health Organization.

Date   : - Sep 12,2014 - Sep 14, 2014
Venue :-
Shenyang, China
Conference Website :- www.apamt2014.com
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